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Team Members

Dr. Maria Martinez de Lagran Cabredo

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Dr. Mara Dierssen

Group Leader/Neurobiologist
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Dr. Marie-Claude Potier

Research Director
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Institute Presentation

Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS) is the first non-profit scientific organization of researchers studying Down syndrome, with 275 members from 28 countries. T21RS was established in 2014 as an international society under Dutch law, and is recognized as a nonprofit organization.

Main goals of T21RS:

  • To stimulate Down syndrome research, and facilitate collaboration between researchers
  • To announce Job offers (see Research section)
  • To organize the T21RS International Conference (biannual)
  • To harmonize protocols for preclinical and clinical research
  • To support education and training of young researchers
  • To explain (recent) findings to the general public, and promote interaction between scientists and Down syndrome associations

T21RS will actively be involved in GO-DS21 WP7, in dissemination, communication, exploitation and guideline development. T21RS will help with the development of guidelines and their distribution to as many stakeholders as possible, including policy makers. T21RS will bring together the GO-DS21 consortium with international scientists, clinicians and family associations.

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