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Dr. Li Chan

Senior Clinical Lecturer
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Institute Presentation

QMUL is one of 24 ‘Russell Group’ UK higher education institutions (HEIs) conducting the very best research and outstanding teaching and learning. As one of the most diverse HEIs, it has staff and students from 162 nationalities and is in the THE2017 top 25 institutions in the world for international outlook. The Centre for Endocrinology is an internationally renowned centre of excellence, linking academic and clinical staff in the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD) to facilitate translational research and clinical trials. Barts Trust, encompassing the Royal London Hospital, is one of the largest tertiary endocrine centers in the UK and receives referrals from the rest of the UK and worldwide. The Royal London Hospital is an important place in the history of Down Syndrome (DS), as the condition was first described by one of its physicians John Langdon Down in 1866.

Within GO-DS21, QMUL will lead WP3 and participate in WP1, WP2, WP6, and WP7. As Led of WP3, QMUL will work on the validation of the role of hypothesis-driven genes in the co-morbidity between obesity and intellectual disability. QMUL will also work on elucidating age-related comorbidity patterns in Down syndrome (WP1); study the influence of global Hsa21 gene dosage and diet/exercise/stress on co-morbidity (WP2); will contribute to building the “Down syndrome comorbidity network” (WP6) and to dissemination and Outreach (WP7).

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